Second-language immersion at a young age

From the moment it opened its doors more than 10 years ago, the Kinder Preschool set itself apart from all others; its mission was to teach preschoolers a second language.

Through a comprehensive immersion program, children are given the tools they need to develop their full potential and spread their wings.

Research on language immersion has consistently found that it yields many benefits when begun at a young age:

Improved intellectual development
Stronger grasp of one’s mother tongue
Improved thinking skills
Reliant reading skills
Reliant listening skills

The opportunity to learn a second language during the preschool years is the best possible gift one could give to any child. It grants incredible benefits. In fact, bilingualism builds self-esteem and empowers the child like no other skill.

The Kinder immersion approach

At Kinder, we believe that the most effective way to learn a new language is to use it consistently in daily activities, all year long.  Since our little preschoolers are taught every subject in their second language, they develop an affinity for the language very quickly.

Since “play is the work of the child,” English or French is introduced in playful monthly themes that can include, for example, dinosaurs, planets or the circus, adding a playful aspect to the learning process.

The Kinder educational programme: let’s get ready for grade school!

Striving to ease that difficult yet crucial transition from daycare to grade school? Our goal at Kinder is to give children the important pre-academic basics. Through play and fun, we start working on pre-writing, pre-reading, pre-math and pre-logic skills.

Although it may seem of little consequence, the simple act of reproducing a picture from the blackboard is, in fact, known as “pre-writing.” It’s an activity that fosters strong sound-decoding skills, which are fundamental to learning to read.

Other than language immersion, the Kinder mission is to instill a thirst for learning and curiosity in your child.

With weekly lessons in music, yoga, tennis and swimming (Tremblant location), your child’s motor and cognitive skills will most assuredly be honed before he or she even starts grade school!

Because Kinder is inspired by the European schooling model and thrives on preschool instruction, it distinguishes itself from other establishments in the traditional daycare system in Quebec. As such, it truly deserves the “preschool” designation.

Over the last 10 years, The Kinder Preschool has helped countless children face the challenges of preparing for elementary school. Through their exposure to such a variety of quality experiences, many of our past students experienced an easier and happier transition to grade school.

Our music conservatory

Our Introduction to Music classes help children to explore music through movement, rhythm, and dancing. During these workshops, children learn to use percussion instruments (maracas, drums, etc.) as well as melodious  percussions (bells, xylophone).

Our young musicians are also encouraged to recognize instruments and sounds through musical games. Nursery rhymes and songs make up significant portions of these music classes and promote musical culture, good listening skills, concentration and coordination.


Our Introduction to Yoga classes for preschool children are not only fun, they help little ones improve their attention span and get rid of those ants in their pants!

Soothing music is played as our tiny yogis transform themselves into little moons, frogs, boats or airplanes…

Little Tennis

We believe it’s never too early to learn! Our Introduction to Tennis workshops are amusing and somewhat silly, but they are also an excellent way to help young children develop good motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Swimming (Tremblant location)

Education is the best prevention! Our Red Cross swimming classes are taught by a certified lifeguard- instructor. The little tadpoles have fun and learn to earn badges. Plus, our daily free swims make for fantastic cool-downs on hot summer days!


Who are we?

The staff at the Kinder Preschool is comprised of seasoned bilingual teachers, most of whom hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Plus, our music, yoga, swimming and tennis specialists are the best in their fields and keen to share their different areas of expertise with youngsters.

Activities / Events

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1314, rue Labelle
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